La Shell Bash

Shell prompt displays when shell is waiting for command from user

When regular user starts shell, default prompt ends with $:

[student@desktop1 ~]$

When superuser (root) starts shell, default prompt ends with #:

[root@desktop1 ~]#
bash shell provides scripting language for automating tasks

Shell can simplify operations that are hard to accomplish with graphical tools

Virtual Consoles
Terminal Access
Provides keyboard for input and display for output

On text-based installations, can be Linux machine’s physical console

Can be configured through serial ports

Virtual Console Access
Linux machine’s physical console supports multiple virtual consoles

Each virtual console acts like separate terminal

Supports independent login session

GUI runs on first virtual console

In GUI, hold Ctrl+Alt and press F2 through F6 to access text login prompt for consoles 2 – 6

Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to return to first virtual console and GUI desktop.

Shell Basics
Commands entered at shell prompt have three basic parts:

Command: Name of program to run

Options: Adjust behavior of command and normally start with one or two dashes (-a or –all)

Arguments: Often indicate target that command should operate on

Commands can be followed by one or more options or arguments

usermod -L morgan
Command is usermod

Option is -L

Argument is morgan